Local Musician Cody Bondra brings his Lyrically driven style to Klekolo August 22nd.


Cody Bondra is Lyrically driven Local CT. Musician.

This talented Musician wrote his first song Go at the age of 22 (he is 25 now.)

He wrote the lyrics to the song Go with his father.

Bill Benson featured Cody Bondra on his show -This Old Porch.

The show aired on Nutmeg Tv in April 2017.

Check out the episode here.

Cody Bondra will be playing acoustically @

Klekolo World Coffee

August 22nd 7pm

Cody plays solo and with a full Band.

The Cody Bondra Band  featuees

Chris Sailor (Drums, Vocals)
Eddie Gentle (Piano, Organs, Guitar)
Cody Bondra (Bass, Guitars, Vocals)
Tim Buell (Saxophone, Vocals)

The Band is well described in this excerpt from Digital Earbuds

(* looks like a new drummer is in the band – Chris Sailor (Drums, Vocals))

Cody Bondra band  ~

After DT’s rock star introduction, singer songwriter, Cody Bondra, takes center stage with a little less bravado, but doesn’t lack confidence.

He begins, “We started playing under the name The Cody Bondra Band after I had built up a small fan base playing solo acoustic gigs. I never wanted to be a solo artist; I always wanted to be a member of a band. I wanted it to be a family.

Tim Buell, our saxophone player from Avon, Connecticut, and I have known each other since we were learning to walk, but it took us 20 years to play music together. When Timmy’s ‘on’ there’s no one that can match his energy. He’s my ace in the hole and a great friend with the loyalty of a family member.

Eddie Gentle, our keyboardist, is from Dorchester, Massachusetts. He and I have an interesting music connection. We both loved music, would always listen and discuss it, and write lyrics. But we couldn’t play any instruments. So I started learning guitar and he started learning keyboards. Eddie is the band leader in my eyes. He always writes everything out and keeps us tight. He has his little office on the side of the stage, and when he throws in his organ line or his piano runs, it really brings the music together. He’s also an amazing lyricist. I hope to incorporate some ‘Eddie songs’ in our set this summer.

We’ve had a few bass players, so it’s an unfilled position right now. We just use different ones on the road.

Last, but certainly not least, is Jessie Doty on drums. He’s from Burlington, Connecticut and is the definition of someone raised on Rock N’ Roll. I met him when I played with his father, Con, who I consider one of my guitar heroes. Jessie adds the attitude and emotion to our songs, and that’s always been my dream. He can play anything. I get spoiled playing with him, because I can throw anything at him and he’s always ten steps ahead of me. These guys push me to the levels of a musician I want to become.

When I play solo shows, they’re fun, but when I have my boys with me, it becomes a whole other world. We all have different musical influences which make for an interesting sound. Jessie grew up playing every kind of music imaginable. Tim and Eddie love wide open musical rock. I come from a more lyrically driven background.” – Digital Earbuds

I came across another interesting Interview onJourney of a front man

JOAF interview

More Cody Bondra Info

Find the Music on ReverbNation

Catch them live through their Facebook page.

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Not for the Faint or Lighthearted – Rope


Rope! is gonna rip out some Rock n Roll

Rope _ Natural _ twisted _ strong

Sal Paradise: Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter

Pat Quinn: Drums, Percussion, Back-up Vocals

Dave Hurd: Bass, Back-up Vocals

Playing  a stripped down version

@ Kleklolo World Coffee

August 15th  7pm

ROPE is a New Haven based trio playing original music, classics, underground gems, lowdown blues and folk.

Rope also digs surf-music and lay it out both electric and acoustic.

Rope’s members are all veteran performers having played in such bands as Bill Bakers Satins, SUBDUEDS (New Haven), Christine Ohlman, Hilton Valentine’s Skiffledog (guitarist for The Animals) to name a few.

Sal Paradise, guitars vocals composer/arranger, has been active in the New Haven and CT Music scene since 1978.

Check out this video of Rope performing their song “How Could You” performed on “the BIG show” with Cosmo & Bobo Recorded at CTV Studios, Hamden, CT

Like ROPE on Facebook.

See you at the show

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Listen to Live Original Music in CT


The Podunk Throwbacks are not to be missed they weave a musical tapestry making your feet tap, your mind think and your body sway.

These 5 musicians combine their talents to create a wonderful palette of many musical styles.

Todd Skilton’s song writing skills are featured beautifully with the musical talants of the entire band.

The Podunk Throwbacks create timely music reflecting current  issues in the world as well as Todd’s life experience.

This is all original music done with talent, consciousness and spirit.

The Band has grown to consist of

Todd Skilton –  Songwriter, vocals & Guitar

Amy Jones – Violin

Geoff Kooris – Bass

Thom Kennedy – Guitar

Xavier Pietri – Percussionist

 This video is by Mike U III  @ The Pickle Stand


Tuesday Agust 8th @ 7pm

@ Klekolo World Coffee

“The Podunk Throwbacks are a “throwback” to a time when songwriters did not “lure” listeners with familiar covers and slip their own works in between, but believed in their songs enough to allow them to stand on their own….& that’s exactly what they do. Their music combines lyrics of life experience with a diverse & energetic sampling of different musical styles, providing a little something for everyone to relate to. Together, the Podunk Throwbacks take front-man & songwriter, Todd Skilton’s musical perceptions of life and “throw them back” with a unique sound, no “gimmicks” or formulation & an energy that keeps the audience engaged.
The Podunk Throwbacks started as a duo in 2012, and have evolved into a 5-piece band over the years. They have taken their 3 hours of originals from coffeeshops and hardware stores to the Goshen Stampede, the Elm City Folk Festival &most recently, the Podunk Bluegrass Festival Acoustic stage. They have performed in venues all over CT, MA, NY & RI, & are currently working on their first cd. “

Contact & Booking info:
Amy – (860) 324-9934

Podunk Throwbacks on Facebook

Podunk Throwbacks On the web

Podunk Throwbacks On Reverb Nation

Above video from Shoreline Music Monthly aired on 10/11/16

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Experience a Venerable Wonder

photo by Dave Madeloni


Ray Mason

Experience, style and substance.

Ray is incredibly authentic, playing his 1965 Silvertone through a Peavey Bandit 65 amp. What an expression of musical talent, pure and in your face.

He is the real deal!

Playing since 1966, hooked up with his beautiful sounding Silvertone in 1982.

The rest is history.

Ray Mason & his Silvertone Live

Klekolo World Coffee

August 1st – 7pm

Stephen Spaz Shnee says it perfectly in this article in Discussions Magazine

“  With over 20 albums to his name (including eight or so with Lonesome Brothers), digging into Ray’s back catalog is hugely satisfying.  Normally recording with a few longtime friends as the Ray Mason Band, Ray does occasionally record albums with just his trusty Silvertone guitar.

His latest plate-spinner, THE SHY REQUESTER, is one of those albums.

RM Shy

Imagine walking into a bar Coffee House, grabbing a beer coffee, and then relaxing as you enjoy the night’s entertainment: a down-to-earth singer/songwriter plying his trade with songs that seem to reflect how you – a normal person – relate to this world.  THAT is what listening to THE SHY REQUESTER is like. It is funny, sad and completely from the heart.  It is also raw and loose, as you’d probably expect from an album with just voice and a Silvertone electric guitar with varying degrees of reverb.  It may not shimmer and sparkle like what you hear on Top 40 radio, but Ray’s music has much more depth and honesty – even when he strips it down to its core.”  Article by
 – Discussions Magazine (Coffee house and coffee added)

Ray puts on a show unlike any you have experienced in a long time!

It’s Raw

It’s Hard

It’s Soft

It’s Rock

It’s Real

“Ray’s tunes follow no trend while keeping an upward slide on the songwriting scale. It’s rock with the roll! One man with his Silvertone!! Kick back and enjoy!!! “

RayMason On The Valley Advocate Sessions

Ray Mason on the web

Pick up your Ray Mason fix on CD Baby

To catch Ray Live look at His upcoming Shows here.


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hope to see you at the show

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Musical Sense of the American Landscape

Marc Delgado by Alex Yerks
Photo by Alexander Yerks

Marc Delgado is an impressive songwriter.

He brings the perfect balance of music and lyric.  Evoking a vibe that brings my mind to a place of strong emotions and nostalgia.

I thoughrougly enjoy Marc’s sweet haunting ghost of a dream music!

“Marc Delgado is a traveling solo performer. His songs are eclectic & unexpected & portray characters trying to make sense of The American Landscape.”

Marc Delgado

Live @ Klekolo World Coffee

July 25th – 7pm

Marc’s harmonica on Asleep in a Cave  is beautiful, the melody is the stuff that makes you feel

goose bumps!

The lyric “The way that you scared me the most was when you smiled” brings a melancholy feel fitting perfectly with the melodic interpretation of what I can only believe was a faded memory.

A track off of Wounded Knee’s last record: High in a Neon Dive

Video Directed by: Alexander Vincent Yerks

“Delgado also writes, sings & records with Alt-Rock, Americana group Wounded Knee. Their last record: High in a Neon Dive (Narcissus Records) is a spiraling tour through the seedy motels & dive bars of Central California where Delgado grew up. He is currently @ work on his newest effort Wildwood Road which will be released later this year. Marc lives with his wife Melanie & their dog Spike in Woodstock, NY.”

The Queens of coming and going is off Delgado’s upcoming release Wildwood Road

Video Directed by Alexander Vincent Yerks

Marc Delgado is doing and Album.. yes old school style – Lathe cut!

“I will be doing some recording @
Leesta Vall Sound Recordings
We are taking four new songs of mine
& cutting them direct to 7″ Vinyl…
Each take will be totally unique…
Click the link below to pre-order one now
Only 25 will be made, so get your order in
before they are all gone!

Order 1 of the 25 released albums here

“Leesta Vall is a niche record label and talent booking agency based in Brooklyn, NY.  Our limited edition lathe cut record releases are made on a modified vintage record cutting lathe from the 1950’s.
Each record is handmade, one at a time, in real time, by a real person.”
Marc Delgado Photo taken from the Monkey house a sweet little venue in Winooski Vermont

You can find out where Marc Delgado is performing and his releases on his website and Facebook page.



 I want to mention the video and photography of Alexander Yerks is wonderful!

Thank you for coming by hope to see you at the show!

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Enjoy Local CT. Songwriters.

Shannon & Jim

Come listen to the acoustic musings of

Shannon McMahon & James Morrison

Live at Klekolo World Coffee

Tuesday July 18th 7pm

If you can’t be here check their facebook pages they just might Live stream the show!

Shannon McMahon

A local Connecticut songwriter. Her voice and lyrics hit you in a soft subtle way making you relate and feel what she is expressing. I love slipping into the bits of Shannon’s life and mind that she chooses to share with her music.

This woman is a classic song writer her lyrics and music express and touch on things we have all felt at some time.

An evening with Shannon is a delight!

You can often find her playing around the state or in the virtual world Second Life.

“Shannon McMahon, a singer/songwriter from Stratford, CT, creates contemporary folk music with rich vocals and songs that resonate with a strong sense of the human experience. Shannon got her first guitar at the age of nine, and wrote her first song when she was ten years old. She started performing publicly when she was 12, at church, coffeehouses and other functions. At the age of 17, Shannon auditioned for and was accepted into a vocal performance class at the New School, in New York City, taught by Brown Bradley.

In 1996, Shannon recorded her debut CD, Some of My Years, an independent release that features 12 original songs in a contemporary folk style with a hint of country flavor. Her warm, earnest voice is reminiscent of Joan Baez and Natalie Merchant.

Since 2008, Shannon has also been performing daily for worldwide audiences in Second Life. She was chosen as a finalist for the CT Folk Fest for 2015, and was also selected as an alternate for the 2015 CT Folk songwriting contest.”

Shannon’s website

Shannon On Facebook

Shannons music On reverbnation

Shannon’s Music on Cd Baby

James Morrison

A CT. local Jim has been Playing at Klekolo for quite a few years now. Check his facebook page you may catch him around the state but you can catch him weekly in the virtual world of Second life.

James shares his music in a heartfelt way playing often and jamming with friends.

His enthusiasm and big heart come through in his musical Musings.

Recently James collaborated with Dusky Rose, together creating a wonderful song

The Muse.

Watching and listening to Jim’s evolving style and song writing has been a treat.

He and his music have grown quite a bit. Its wonderful to hear his originals.

To find out what James is up to follow his

facebook page


You tube channel

Both Shannon and James as well as a lot of other musicians have increased their fan base by playing in Second life. The Virtual Audience can go to concerts and tip as well as stalk their websites and buy their music.  It is a smart way to reach a Global Audience.


Hope to see you at the show

~ Yvette

*photo of Shannon & Jim at Klekolo by me


Experience a soul through Music – Bill Benson

11953476_465683913604117_3029683398497249151_oBill Benson

Live at Klekolo World Coffee

Tuesday July 11th @ 7pm

I love this song Dance with me!

“Connecticut based singer-songwriter Bill Benson performs music as a messenger of love, hope and passion. He conveys his messages through inspiring lyrics and heart-felt vocals in the styles of folk, country and soft rock. Bill leverages the deep, brassy timbre of his vocals to convey emotion and draw listeners into his songs, evoking a mood that pulls you into the moment and offers retreat from life’s day to day chaos.

Bill’s debut studio album, “This Old House”, tells the story of Bill’s life and musical evolution, capturing current writings as well as his first song written at age 16. Bill’s musical journey began as a child but obligations of life pulled him away, leaving him dreaming about his perfect love – music. Later finding his muse, Bill was reinspired to dust off his guitar and sing again, writing songs that inspire listeners to truly feel. The ballad “Beautiful Heart” eloquently captures the gratitude felt when someone changes your life in a profound and beautiful way.

Bill has gained mounting recognitions for his music and his voice. Notably, he was named 2013 Northwest Idol at Warner Theatre in Torrington, CT and has earned honorable mentions in multiple songwriting contests. Bill performs throughout Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.” taken from Bill Benson’s Facebook page.

Bill Benson has a wonderful show called Porch time airing on Nutmeg TV.

After being nosy on Bill’s facebook page Iam happy to conclude he is working on  a new Album  Come a Little Closer!

I have to say he takes some beautiful sunrise and sunset photos too!

   You can catch Bill Benson Live:

July 11th @ Klekolo World Coffee  – 7pmtte

July 15th @ Litchfield Farmers Market – 10 am

July 15th @ Lost Acers Vineyard – 7pm

To see what Bill Benson is up to check Bill Benson Music.

You can find Bill’s music on ReverbNation

Hope to catch y’all Tuesday at the show!

~ Yvette