Birthday coming up quick…

Happy Sweet 16 Klekolo 2010 Cake by A LITTLE IMAGINATION CAKES

Photo Thanks to Al KIM

Klekolo – pronounced clay-ko-lo.

Klekolo is from the Minianka language of Mali.

Klekolo means A system of rules to live by for peace and harmony in the world.

The word Klekolo was introduced to Hollie through the writings of Yaya Diallo.

Klekolo resonated with Hollie in such a strong way she wanted to give it a solid presence in Middletown by giving the name to Klekolo World coffee.

Klekolo World Coffee opened March 18th 1994. We will be 18 on March 18th 2012.

Stay tuned to catch what we do for our birthday and make sure you come in on sunday March 18th!

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