Taking Back the Park

We would like to thank everyone who came down this weekend, Diversion Productions, Improv with Topher & Friends, Optical Destinations, Special thanks to Brian Skowera, 88.1 WESU’s DJ Cheshire Cat, The Psychedelicatessen with Rick Schafrick, Crossfit Religion, A.M.P.-Adaptive Movement Parkour’s Mike LaVoie, Drum Talk- Jay Viarengo, Freddy Moses & Tommy Moses, Special Thanks to Connect Beats- DJ N.E.B., DJ Berk & DJ Steve Sound, J-Cherry & The Strawberries, Political Animals, Lucky 13, Denise “La Artista” Conquistador, Randy Moses (who just popped in after following the music), thanks to all the artist and vendors who came out for the weekend, thanks to the musicians for putting on such a great show and thanks to the community for coming to our Art & Music Festival!

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