Fresh Prints @ Klekolo

Our featured Artist this month is

Fresh prints of CT.

Letterpress Art Prints

Created by Katie & Berk Ziegler

“Letterpress is the oldest method of printing where the artwork is embedded into the paper using “relief” type printing plates.  A “relief” plate is one where the area to be printed is physically raised from the surface of the plate.  The plates are hand-set and then inked by the press operator allowing the design and lettering to be imprinted onto the paper.  The letterpress embosses the design into the surface of the paper creating a textured, three-dimensional effect. “

At Klekolo Fresh prints is featuring their Dictionary Prints.

“These prints are definitely a conversation starter and look fabulous as a wall hanging. Each design is carefully selected and then printed on vintage dictionary paper giving it that beautiful golden color that only comes from age. Since we use real book pages some unevenness or spotting occurs, this only adds another layer to the print, making each one truly unique.”


“This Alice in NYC design is printed on beautiful vintage dictionary paper.

Katie & Berk’s work will be on exhibit @ Klekolo World Coffee through the month of July!

Stop in this month and check out a small local artisan’s work.

 A little known fact Berk Ziegler was a Barista at Klekolo in the mid 90’s.

A pretty damn good one too!

Here are a few pre facebook photos of Berk from 1995 ish when he worked at Klekolo.

Photos by Mel Vollano, Hollie Rose & Bonz Fullerton.

Mid January Klekolo

Our Espresso Machine  Photo By AL Kim 

This Tuesday January 17 we feature  – Jaclyn Jones 7pm – 9pm.

Classical Guitarist & teacher Jackie Jones is coming to share an evening of her beautiful music with us!

Jaclyn earned her Bachelor of Music degree in classical guitar performance from the Hartt School of Music in 2012 with performing arts scholarships and was selected to perform in three 20/20 Honors Chamber Music concerts. She has been a featured solo artist for the NJ Guitar & Mandolin Society and sponsored Labella Strings concert series. Jaclyn studied under Christopher Ladd and Richard Provost and has performed in masterclasses for internationally renowned artists such as Oscar Ghiglia, Scott Tennant, Odair Assad, Antigoni Goni, Elena Papandreou, Julian Gray, and Jorge Caballero.

For more info her web site is here

I hope you find the time to come see her live with us at Klekolo World Coffee.


Our Artist through the month of January is Jake Urban .

You can find him on Facebook

And on his blog Jake Urban Art

“My medium of choice is photography. I take digital photographs, process them, and then turn them into 1:1 scale negatives in Photoshop. From there I can print them as a variety of modernized historic photographic prints such as kalitypes and cyanotypes. It is an interesting process where modern technology mixes with historic processes and art mixes with chemistry.” Taken from Jake’s bio.

Jake’s work will be on exhib at Klekolo through January come on by and see.

We have a special coffee that just came in. We will be serving it Monday morning  early.

It will not be on tap all day so come in before 9am to taste this.

It will be served  single brewed (pour over) untill its gone.

Colombia – Yellow Bourbon

This is a micro lot from Finca Las Margaritas located in the district of Caicedonia in the Valle de Cauca of Colombia. This bean is a Mutant   of Red “Bourbon” and Amarelo de Boutacuto” typica”.

This limited supply bean serves up a sweet elegant cup delicate in the mouth. Sharing flavors of soft fruits, florals, vanilla and the earthiness of a Colombian coffee.

This is a special batch when it is gone its gone.

I already added us to the list for next year.

Thank you for reading come by Klekolo any time….

Mon – Thursday 6:30 am – 10 pm

Friday & Saturday 6:30 am – 12am (midnight)

Sunday 7am – 7pm


April art supports veterans


Come and enjoy some of our members’ art and some wonderful coffee. Artists and veterans Ira Dick and Al Kim will be showing their phenomenal art through the month of April. 

We’re hosting the art show opening on Saturday, April 6th at 6PM. Come down, mingle and talk with the artists.

Ira Dick’s artwork has recently been placed in the National Creative Arts Festival at Veterans Affairs.

The art will be for sale, and the event is free.

Matt Pattavina – February Artist

The artwork of Matt Pattavina will be in display at Klekolo for the month of February. It’s a true variety if work that you really should head down to Klekolo on Court and check them out in person.

There’s a painting of John Coltrane that really effectively uses the shadows. There’s exquisite line drawings along with abstracts. Come check them out. Look on Facebook for when we hold the artist reception.


Mercy Choir & Lys Guillorn Nov. 27 at 7pm

We feel very Lucky to have these 2 awesome performers come to Klekolo World Coffee!!

“Mercy Choir is the songwriting and recording project of Paul Belbusti from New Haven, CT. Mercy Choir’s music is a pabulum of traditional American folk and blues, crudely mixed with avant psychedelic electronica. Mercy Choir performances range from Belbusti solo with guitar, to more fleshed out, full band incarnations. Speaking of carnations, Belbusti is known to send flowers to anyone who gives his album poor reviews. The website recently named Mercy Choir’s new album The Very Great and Horrible Harshness “Album of the Day” and said, “Exceptional… [Mercy Choir is] one of the best one-man projects to come out of CT in recent memory.” -The writer of the article received no flowers.,0,2635821.story

“Lys Guillorn can be defined as a bit of a prairie specter. Her country-gothic voice wavers between a delicately sweet high lilt, as if leaking through from a past time, and a clear and deep husk that is sometimes frightening in its intimacy.”

“I was quickly drawn into the world of this talented singer-songwriter-musician, all three of which she excels at. Rather than try to define her, or stamp a genre on her, I will instead say…find her!” – The Village Voice

Hope you can join us for an awesome evening of music with these two amazing musicians!