Mercy Choir & Lys Guillorn Nov. 27 at 7pm

We feel very Lucky to have these 2 awesome performers come to Klekolo World Coffee!!

“Mercy Choir is the songwriting and recording project of Paul Belbusti from New Haven, CT. Mercy Choir’s music is a pabulum of traditional American folk and blues, crudely mixed with avant psychedelic electronica. Mercy Choir performances range from Belbusti solo with guitar, to more fleshed out, full band incarnations. Speaking of carnations, Belbusti is known to send flowers to anyone who gives his album poor reviews. The website recently named Mercy Choir’s new album The Very Great and Horrible Harshness “Album of the Day” and said, “Exceptional… [Mercy Choir is] one of the best one-man projects to come out of CT in recent memory.” -The writer of the article received no flowers.,0,2635821.story

“Lys Guillorn can be defined as a bit of a prairie specter. Her country-gothic voice wavers between a delicately sweet high lilt, as if leaking through from a past time, and a clear and deep husk that is sometimes frightening in its intimacy.”

“I was quickly drawn into the world of this talented singer-songwriter-musician, all three of which she excels at. Rather than try to define her, or stamp a genre on her, I will instead say…find her!” – The Village Voice

Hope you can join us for an awesome evening of music with these two amazing musicians!

Shannon McMahon @ Klekolo November 13th 7pm

Klekolo World Coffee is very happy to have Shannon McMahon come play for us!!

““The Test” by Shannon McMahon (sounding eerily like a young Joan Baez) and Lawson’s own “Not Before My Time” are exceptional singer-with-an-acoustic-guitar recordings.” – James Velvet New Haven Advocate

“Shannon McMahon got her first guitar at the age of nine, and wrote her first song when she was ten years old. She started performing publicly when she was 12, at church, coffeehouses and other functions. At the age of 17, Shannon auditioned for and was accepted into a vocal performance class at The New School in New York City, taught by Brown Bradley.

In 1996, Shannon recorded her debut CD, Some of My Years, an independent release produced by Eric Garrison at China Moon Studios. The CD features 12 original songs in a contemporary folk style with a hint of country flavor. Shannon’s rich vocals are reminiscent of Joan Baez and Natalie Merchant.

For the past year and a half, Shannon has been performing daily for worldwide audiences in Second Life, ( an online virtual world that offers a place to explore, socialize and participate in a host of activities, including live music. In May 2009, Shannon’s song “The Test,” was the winning song in a songwriting contest for Amnesty International. A recording of “The Test” will also appear on a benefit CD featuring New Haven, CT area musicians. In November 2009, Shannon appeared at FODfest (Friends of Daniel Pearl) ( at Infinity Hall in Norfolk, CT.”

More info at

You want to come check this wonderful lady’s Music out!!


Klekolo – Frank Viele Nov 6th

Klekolo World Coffee is very excited to have Frank Viele here @7pm Nov.6th 2012

“Frank Viele constructs his sound beneath an acoustic funk ceiling with windows of alternative pop, folk and soul. A musical carpenter in the independent rock genre, this singer/songwriters approach mixes a dry wit with a soulful touch. A storytelling angle finishes out the floors of this building. Frank’s sound construction is cemented together by a solid blues foundation and his stylistically aware approach is evident in his singing and guitar playing. Working off the brick and mortar of influences ranging from Dave Matthews to Otis Redding and Ray Lamontagne to Johnny Lang, Frank delivers an authenticity showcasing a familiarity to the inspirations that came before him. Frank Viele is Acoustic funk, electrified with a shot of Pop, Rock and Soul. Add Rhythm and Blues for a Chaser.

A self-professed terrible driver, cartoon lover and blue-collar entrepreneur, Frank’s musical roots started in his hometown of Milford, Connecticut. His passion for music developed as early as the age of three, when Frank was imitating songs on his Grandmother’s piano that he heard on the television. As much about variety as versatility, Frank enjoys everything from Miami Dolphins Football to Salvador Dali’s Melting Clock paintings. He still reads Shakespeare and Greek Mythologies but would never miss an episode of The Simpsons. Frank’s wide array of musical influences include Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Jerry Garcia and Jimi Hendrix. In fact, Frank says the opening track on the Band of Gypsies Record changed his life. More modern inspirations include Dave Matthews, Ryan Adams and Ben Harper.

This spectrum of interests mixed with a great sense of humor and an introspective take on music, sports, food, art and life, defines a renaissance man in the truest sense of the word.”

DAVE HOGAN LIVE acoustic Oct 16th 7pm

Dave solo acoustic w/ lots of coffee.  Road trip!  NO COVER

 Dave Hogan is a songwriter and musician from Bridgeport, Connecticut; a veteran of three critically- acclaimed
music groups, Red One, The Great Upsetters and The Rafter Bats.  Beyond his established talents as a songwriter, he is a guitarist and vocalist.  His musical style ranges from acoustic Americana and bluegrass to electric-guitar driven alt. country, to improvisational jam band arrangements.

“When Dave Hogan comes, he brings
the ghosts of the honky tonks and the
spirits of Parsons and Marriot, tales of
road-weary love and better days
ahead. A rare opportunity to see him
alive and acoustic. Don’t miss him.”

Find out more about Dave Hogan @

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This will be  Great treat come check it out!  …     see ya there : ) Yvette

“We Call It Power folk” – Two Virgins


TWO VIRGINS/ACOUSTIC TOUR– At Klekolo Tuesday October 9th!!!

In the beginning it was Dylan – the words, the guitar, the power of the message. As young boys from different parts of the country Tom Wrann and Tom Mooney were equally affected and inspired by the simplicity and complexity of Dylan’s style. As the years went on Wrann/Mooney crossed paths in many rock bands; (El Trash Combo, Voice Of Amerika, The Bond..) also involvement in separate projects. Mooney played with The Wandering Souls – a top gospel group from NYC, and The Run – a new wave pop group also in NYC. Tom Wrann with Kid Salami, Buck Nakid & The Connecticut Blue Boys, and Curly Jones & The Commited. After Wrann/Mooney through life’s twists and turns were left with no band they decided to revisit the music that first inspired them, the words the guitar, the message, whatever it is. As a duo, song writing partners and musical collaboraters Wrann/Mooney are staying true to this vision. At this time Two Virgins are also being joined by some great supporting musicians, Jim Wrann, Michael Arafeh (aka Bumpy Chimes), Tom Phelps. We call it ‘powerfolk’ (iron clad torch songs and ballads).